Specialty Services

Improve your car inside and out!

Engine Cleaning

Goodbye dirt and grime! Affordable, professional automotive engine cleaning services. All vehicle types and models welcome.

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Hand Waxing

Essential automotive hand waxing that leaves your car spotless. Regularly waxing helps preserve the clear coat over your vehicle's paint.

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Rim Polishing

We can polish your scratched, pitted, or machined wheels to a mirror finish. We offer rim polishing services to personal and commercial vehicles.

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Headlight Restoration

We can restore your headlights and make them look like new again at a FRACTION of the cost of replacing them with new ones.

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Window Tinting

Customize Your Ride! Professional window tinting services for cars, suv's, vans and trucks. Quality window film and window tint installation.

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Windshield Replacement

Cracked or Broken Windshield?
We offer quality long-lasting windshield replacement or repair services on most vehicle makes and models, both new and old.

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Pet Hair Removal

Have your vehicle free from Pet Hair and Pet odors? We remove pet odors and stubborn trapped pet hair from car mats, seats and cargo areas. Your car... smelling fresh & clean again!

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Odor Removal

Odor removal treatment for eliminating persistent smells such a smoke, mould, skunk and vomit.
* This service works best if car has been detailed first.

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Scotchgard™ Protection

Create an extra layer of defense that repels spills and stains for easier cleanup. Keep your vehicle's seats, carpets, and cargo area fresh and looking new longer.

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Each of our services are designed to make your vehicle a happier, safer and more enjoyable ride.